Diğer 3D Programları : cinema 4d r16 duyuruldu

cinema 4d r16 duyuruldu
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bir suredir test asamasinda olan cinema 4d r16 versiyonu nihayetinde resmi sitede duyuruldu.

bevel deformer; tum deformer`lar icin falloff;yansitma vs kanallar icin makse adama ve gelismis kontrol;reflection icin yeni antisotropy imkani;mimari tasarimlar icin kapi,pencere,merdive,ev pilani icin duzenelenbilir kaliplar,team render icin server ozelligi ile internet uzerinden erisim ve render alma;oldukca saglam bir motion starcking sistemi,sclupting icin pek cok yenilik ve pyton destekli ozel firca formatlari olusturma imkani;keyframe yonemiti icindugmeler,arayuz gelistirmeleri;POLY pen adinda cok saglam bir arac.polygon cizimi icinideal,yuzeylere vs uyumlu calisabilme imkani... tam liste asagida,ozellikle modelleme,materyal konusundaki ekler benim ilgimi cekti.en altaa site linki ve ayrica,


The new Team Render Server adds server functionality to Team Render.
Add jobs to Team Render Server either via a watchfolder or a web interface
New Reflectance Channel allows to add multiple layers of reflections
Each layer can have its own bump map and reflection model
Create masks to control parameters of reflections, e.g. blurriness
New Conductor Fresnel mode
New anisotropic reflection model
Reflection and specular now combined in one channel
Several new reflection models
New cloth shading model
Distance dim mode to fade out reflections
Multipass support for reflection layers
New BiRender engine allows rendering of Sketch&Toon effects plus hair at the same time with increased speed and quality
BiRender reduces the preparation time, first results can be seen much quicker
Fill hair has been removed, old scenes which utilized fill hair will be tweaked automatically (increased hair count) to partially compensate for this change
New displacement mode for brick shader allows to create more realistic brick walls


New PolyPen tool replaces the Create Polygon Tool of previous versions
Paint polygons, create point sequences or extrude edges intuitively
Existing and newly created points, edges and polygons can be moved, extruded, deleted, subdivided, etc.
Arcs can be created automatically
With Auto Weld mode enabled, edges and points snap automatically to close polygons or edges and weld or bridge geometry
Reproject Result projects polygons on existing surfaces
New procedural Bevel Deformer bevels either whole objects or selections non-destructively
Mesh Check checks geometry for isolated points, complex poles, non-manifold edges, boundary edges and bad or non-planar polygons
UVW coordinates are now created automatically for generator caps
Boolean object now creates a hidden Edge Selection Tag like other generators (C1,C2, …)
New viewport filter added to turn on/off the base workplane grid
New HUD element for grid spacing now available in the viewport preferences
Viewport Solo Mode provides a clear overview and faciliates the work with complex scenes
Most deformers now support falloff
Symmetry Object now supports clamping of points to the symmetry axis and deletion of redundant points
Automatically Flip function causes meshes to flip across the mirror plane depending on camera orientation
Cogwheel Spline got a massive update: it creates accurate Cogwheels with many new generic tooth parameters and types, new inlay and center hole parameters, not only to create accurate cogwheels, but also a plentitude of fancy objects for other purposes

UV Editing

New UV Peeler creates UV parametrizations for single or multiple UV islands on an object, each island corresponding to a continuous seam of selected edges along the length of a cylindrical portion of geometry
All UV-related features now use the same logic to determine which UV tag is affected
UV polygon and point modes now support tolerance parameters for rectangular and live-selection tools
In addition to UV polygons, interactive mapping now works on UV points
Support for Dolly to cursor in texture view
Shift + double-click a texture tag to open a new texture view

Workflow & Interface

A single click on the enhanced keyframe buttons now adds or removes keyframes without need to press additional keys, manipulation of multiple keyframes at once is also possible
New setting to remove tracks without keyframes
Texture Manager now shows or opens files in Finder/Explorer
New status icon in the Texture Manager shows if an image can`t be found by the renderer and would trigger an asset error
New “All Parameters” option in Timeline Baker will bake all Parameters of an object
The Layer column of the Texture Manager now also shows the layer color
New “Tweak” command is a global on/off switch to enable or disable tweaking throughout Cinema 4D
Projection Tag has a new option to prevent accidental viewport duplication
New Interaction Tag allows customized interaction with the object the tag is applied to (e.g. mouse interaction with objects can be defined by scripts)
New Annotation Tag allows annotations and comments directly in the viewport and can be attached to a specific point of the object.
Unlimited number of Annotation Tags can be used per object
Annotation Tag replaces former WWW Tag
Multiline Edit Textbox now offers an undo functionality
Script Editor now allows double-click operation to select and drag complete words like in a regular text editor
Auto-add brackets and quotation marks while typing
Selected text blocks can be comfortably commented out by pressing the * key
Likewise typing a quotation mark or bracket with a text block selected will put the block in quotes or the bracket form chosen i.e. { [ ( ` "
Code editors now use word wrap for better overview
Cursor changes from caret to text cross symbol when held over line numbers for better orientation
Clicking a line number will select the line next to it
Drag&drop selected text between multiline edit fields, including duplication by pressing Ctrl
Colored line flags next to the line number now indicate the edit state of lines (e.g. edited, edited but compiled, edited but saved)
Error message if a preset can’t be written
Warp Deformer now fits to object
Open in Finder function in the Render Queue
Statistics HUD renamed to OpenGL Statistics


Assign materials to a link field in the Mask Brush options, press sample button to use the first UV tag found on an object and sample the material, applying the UVs of this tag to the currently selected layer
Selection Brush now supports selection of points and polygons in the respective mode (either Point or Polygon mode)
Brushes now respect the current polygon or point selections (in Point or Polygon Mode)
Use materials as stencils or stamps
Unsubdivide command unsubdivides quad-based high resolution meshes, extracting all lower level subdivision layers, reconstructing them as sculpt objects with all required layers to recreate the original objects
New option in sculpting preferences now allows to constantly update the full polygon object while sculpting (with or without Sculpt Tag)
New brush modifiers now allow to apply and mix the effect of the currently chosen brush with one previously used (i.e. add smooth and inflate to a pull brush)
Sculpt brushes now support snapping
Stamps and stencils now support procedural shaders
Python support has been added to sculpting, users can now create own brushes in Python
Drop down to select the motion direction of vertices (average, normal, X, Y, Z, camera)
Use the sculpting tools on Camera Deformer, Correction Deformer and Muscle Object
Display stencil permanently via visiblity option

Motion Tracker

Motion Tracker is a new matchmoving system in Cinema 4D
Full Solve command runs a completely automated solve of the footage: it adds a Motion Tracker Object and several Constraint Tags (Mask, Position, Vector, Planar, Camera Orientation)
Auto Tracking mode searches trackable points in the footage without user intervention
Tracks can be filtered by Minum Length (Frames), Maximum Acceleration, Error Threshold and Smart Acceleration
Manual Tracking allows for individual placement of track marks
Reconstruction recreates the camera movement and creates 3D feature points from tracking points
Mask Constraint Tag allows to exclude specific regions of the footage from 2D tracking
Position Constraint Tag calibrates the 3D reconstruction by defining the coordinates of a reconstructed feature (e.g. origin)
Vector Constraint Tag is used to calibrate a 3D reconstruction by defining the axis (direction) and/or distance of reconstructed features
Planar Constraint Tag calibrates the 3D reconstruction by defining the plane on which three or more reconstructed features are located (this partially defines the orientation of the reconstruction within the scene)
Camera Orientation Constraint Tag provides a different way of defining the scene orientation, based on constraining the camera rather than features


Import/export based on FBX SDK 2015.1
Import/export of vertex color informations
New export option to triangulate meshes
New export option to export SDS subdivided meshes
New import option “Single Material Selection Sets” to create selection tags even if only one material is assigned
Shinyness (Glossiness) texture support
Support for relative file paths
Option to include/exclude lights, cameras and splines from export
Option to include/exclude curves from import
Export editor camera, if no other camera in the scene or no active camera defined
Optimized import/export user interface

Import and export based on Alembic SDK 1.5
Polygon selection tags applied to a generator are copied down to the generated object
Support of new Alembic (Ogawa) file format which can`t be read by previous SDK (1.0)
Use the new cycle option and set file format to Alembic HDF5 (Legacy) to export compatible files (e.g. Cinema 4D R15)
New option to export vertex maps as vertex color information

After Effects:
The AE Plugin now exports image based 3D layers


Cinema 4D R16 now includes a user participation program which helps MAXON to improve future releases by gathering information about common usage scenarios
User need to opt-in to participate
Users can refrain from participating at any time and delete all provided data
Data sent to MAXON include user statistics like used commands, project file size, usage time, preference settings and system specifications
All data sent anonymized, no personal information will be collected
Metaballs will load and render faster, viewport interaction will be better



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muhteşem bir sağlam duruş,

muhteşem bir sağlam duruş, radikal değişiklikler ve yenilikler, arayüz ve kullanım kolaylığıyla bilgisayar değil kullanıcı odaklı olması ve Alman disiplini,teknolojisi ile geliştirilmesi...

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cinema 4d ye geçme
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cinema 4d ye geçme niyetindeydim zaten bu haber daha bir mutlu etti beni.

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ah bide eğitim dersleri çoğalsa süper olacak. Birde c4d sculping i gelirtirmeli.

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